Dragonfly Educational Support Ltd.

Assistive Technology Training

Our training is targeted and individually made for disabled adult learners in education. 

Our training is based on the student’s unique learning needs as well as designed around the course they are studying at university. Our training is based on the students becoming independent learners with the software.

This process facilitates the student to make the most of their equipment and software provided through the Disabled Student's Allowance and enables the student to access their course and make the absolute most of their studies and their time at University.

CPD training records are maintained and Individual Learning Plans are maintained throughout support.

We provide students with the following:

Handout guides for all the software packages we train on and adapt these to every student we teach. 

  • We interlink our training with study skill techniques to get the best out of the software packages.
  • We also demonstrate applications for many tablets and smart phones.
  • We support students with the latest platforms such as Windows 10 and for Apple El Capitan
  • We help with Microsoft Office so that they are able to write an essay
  • Getting stuck on the internet? We can help with searching university databases to sending emails
  • Computer support such as, creating folders, creating back ups, installing and uninstalling programs
  • Updates/upgrades to software support and advice. 

We provide Specialist One:One Assistive Technology Support. We are disabled led. We have been to university and we have struggled through the education system. We strive to make a change and want to make sure our students have the same opportunities as their peers. We are a personalised service, caring for our students and putting their needs first.