Dragonfly Educational Support Ltd.

The DSA Software

Text To Speech- These programs read a students work back to them through various audio voices. It also checks for spellings, homophones (words that sound the same), scan documents/books into word, and can capture text from the internet or other files such as Adobe or Word this function enables students to have captured text in their work.

Claro Read - ClaroRead is a software for supporting individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Claro read is designed to help individuals, in any age range, is simple to use and functions can be accessed through clicking on the appropriate icon. ClaroRead works well with Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer; practically any text can be spoken aloud by this piece of software. ClaroRead can assist with helping individuals to proof read their work. Users can also benefit from the addition visual tools that colour the screen, the background and also gives a screen ruler to aid with reading. Words can also be spoken back as they are type, ensuring the accuracy of their work.

Read And Write Text Help- Read and Write, Text Help, text-to-speech features offer a simple and accurate way to read any text. Users can listen to text being read aloud in Microsoft Word documents, emails, Web Pages or PDF documents with word highlighting to help with word recognition. Screen masking, the ability to block out any text not being read, available along with many other great ways to help students with their reading.

Read & Write has a tool that ensures that books and reports are accurately scanned into MS Word, PDF or HTML. The text can then be read aloud, saved as an audio file or adjusted for the individual needs. Functions compared to Claroread are that it has built in dictionaries, highlighting tool to capture text in different colours, a built in mind mapping function, and being able to skip between words or sentences.

Dictation Programs

Using headset to speak into and the programs will type up your speech.

Dictation Programs - Using headset to speak into and the programs will type up your speech.

Dragon Dictate For Mac Users - Using a headset to dictate into Word documents or emails, helps students from getting tired and speeds up writing speed. Dragon Dictate comes with many commands for students to use, such as full stop, comma, semi-colon etc.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Windows- Like Dragon Dictate, uses a headset to talk into and types up the students work. Can use with Dictaphone for transcribing. You can also control the whole computer. We rely on our computers more and more every day, whether we’re creating documents and reports, surfing the Web or catching up on email. Students can just say words into a microphone and watch them appear on their computer screen. Individuals tell Dragon what they want their computer to do, and Dragon will execute the task: "Open Microsoft Word," "Set font size to 18," or "Minimize all windows." You can even use voice commands to edit and format your text, search the web or send email.

Mind Mapping Programs

Mind mapping, helps a student to structure their work, organisation, are vision tool, a visual tool and can be linked to other documents.

Mind view - This mind-mapping program is often given to students who suffer with organisation issues, it can do all that inspiration can do, but has built in timelines, Gantt charts and calendars. So a student can map out tasks of when they need to complete things. This is often given to students to help them for project management, so they can organise the way they work and how they go about completing tasks.

Inspiration- This mind mapping program is often one given to students who are new to mind mapping as well as being able to really structure your work clearly and move ideas around. It allows to be linked to Microsoft word and PowerPoint. Hyperlinks, pictures, and other files can be added to the bubbles. Also contains built in templates. Students can brainstorm their ideas quickly through the Rapid-Fire tool. Students can represent information and trigger memory with symbols and images. Students can add their own pictures.

Font colours, bubble colours can all be changed to work for the student and adapt them for colour coding. The arrange function allows the students to arrange their mind map how they want it to look, as well as being able to drag their ideas around on screen, though the outline view and diagram view.

Audio Programs And Devices

Dictaphone/Digital Voice Recorders

There are different makes and models out there, however a great tool for recording lectures and seminars. Also can record your own notes in for Dragon Naturally Speaking to type up. This function is called Transcribing.

Olympus Sonority-This program is used for the Olympus Dictaphone series. It allows the user to load up their audio notes onto their computer, which they have recorded on the Dictaphone. Users can edit their recordings as well as creating audio notebook files. Files recording on their Dictaphone can be renamed as well as placed into specific folders. 

Audio Notetaker- This can be used with the Dictaphone, to upload audio notes, PowerPoints and your own notes. Great for students to organise their lecturer notes. Lectures often contain Microsoft PowerPoint’s and these can be uploaded into Audio Notetaker along with the audio that the student has recorded. Audio can be edited as well colour coded with meaning. Students can write their own notes or copy and paste across from the Internet.